About Us

About Us

Fran Jasper

Owner & Founder

Having an innate gift for design, Jasper backed it up with a degree in design from the University of Louisville and attended Parsons School of Design in New York City. Her eye for quality was firmly rooted very early on. When she was just a college student, she took her entire savings and bought five rugs at an estate sale. Even though they were not to her liking, she knew they were quality rugs. So, taking them to a rug store, she traded them for rugs more to her taste. Six years later, equipped with knowledge, she went out on her own and bought the firehouse which now serves to house an enormous collection of oriental rugs. Fran’s love of design can be seen everyday in the active selection of both new and antique oriental rugs from her worldwide travels to locations such as India, Turkey, and Morocco.

When she is not at the shop or traveling, Fran finds time to serve on numerous charity boards including Wellstone Hospital and Whitehall. In addition, she is an active philanthropist for the Kentucky Humane Society.

Joe Tousi


Joe was born in Tehran, Iran. His father was a manufacturer of Persian Meshad and Shiraz rugs (names for two different states in the country of Iran) and he sold his masterpieces all over Europe, especially London, Milan, and Hamburg. Eventually, Joe moved to live with his aunt’s family in Italy and, at age 17, moved to New York where he opened his own store and met many European rug dealers. From there, he traveled across the United States in search of antique oriental rugs for these dealers, which is how he gained extensive knowledge of the antique rug business. Through his traveling, he met Fran Jasper in Louisville and they went into business together. He has since sold his businesses in other cities and has lived in Louisville for the past 35 years. Their business continues to grow and is doing better than ever.

Kristin Purcell

Business Manager

Kristin graduated from the University of Louisville in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and has always had a passion for design. Prior to coming to FLJ, Kristin worked in property management at a large scale luxury apartment community in the local Louisville area and then moved on to work for a local custom drapery manufacturer before arriving at the firehouse. In her free time, Kristin can be found renovating her home with her husband and daughter.

Danielle Grobmyer

Marketing Manager

Danielle’s story begins in 2007 when she started working for her Aunt Fran at FLJ. Eventually, however, she moved on from Louisville in order to pursue a Master’s degree in Art History with a focus in Islamic Art at the University of Massachusetts studying under the great Walter Denny. After that, brimming with knowledge of this mesmerizing culture, interwoven in history and art, she set out to travel to various parts of the Middle East. Morocco was her first stop and she immediately became fascinated! She was captured by the intricacies of the people who had been weaving carpets for hundreds of years for utility rather than decorative purposes. Now she works with Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs remotely and loves the ever changing and evolving duties that come with it.

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