Lilihan rugs

Lilihan rugs

Lilihan Persian rugs are from the village of Lilihan situated in the south of Arak province in Iran by Persian Armenians.
The most common color used in the Lilihan rug is a pink-rose foundation.  A variety of colors can be seen, including yellow, gold, ivory, and sometimes even blue or other traditional colors.
The designs visible in these carpets are densely worked geometric patterns and traditional floral designs. The pink in the weft defines these designs and creates a distinct visual appearance.

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  • TJ-1226

    Lilihan 3'4" x 4'9"
  • TJ-0405

    Lilihan 4'8" x 6'5"
  • TAM-0177

    Lilihan 5' x 6'7"
  • IT-0229

    Lilihan 2'8" x 3'10"