Farahan Sarouk

Farahan Sarouk

Farahan Sarouk rugs are woven in the village of Sarouk in Iran.  These rugs are given the name “Farahan” as a distinction for their exceptional type of Sarouks.
The medallion design customary on Sarouk Farahans is classically Persian, as is all the minor detail.  The drawing is typically curvilinear with mostly floral motifs and intricate patterns.  Sarouk Farahan rugs exhibit rich colors: often a red field, deep indigo accents and subtle shades of green.

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  • TJTI-0111

    Farahan Sarouk 4'3" x 6'2"
  • TJ-1963

    Farahan Sarouk 8'8" x 12'
  • TJ-1625

    Farahan Sarouk 3'4" x 5'
  • TJ-1607

    Farahan Sarouk 4' x 6'3"
  • TJ-1365

    Farahan Sarouk 4'6" x 6'
  • TAM-0164

    Farahan Sarouk 4' x 6'
  • 1800-0256

    Farahan Sarouk 2'8" x 9'8"
  • 0575-0185

    Farahan Sarouk 3'2' x 5'2''