The Indian city of Agra has an extensive and notable tradition of carpet weaving.
Agra carpets have designs of spiraling vines often combined with small organisms such as birds, elephants, and even people.
Weavers of Agra rugs were masters at vegetable dyeing.  They eventually created their own unique palette of color most often using a profusion of gold combined with soft mid-tone blues as well as a range of soft rust-reds, pinks, and a lavender tone.

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  • TJ-1237

    Agra 3'1" x 11'10"
  • TJ-0646

    Agra 13'2" x 16'8"
  • 1310-0351

    Agra 3'2" x 14'10"
  • 0550-0260

    Agra 2'9" x 7'8"