Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs

What is an Oushak?

One of our most popular styles of oriental rug is the infamous Oushak design. No doubt you will recognize these rugs as some of the most splendid in our collection, but what exactly makes an Oushak an Oushak?

Their name comes from their place of origin, Oushak, a region that used to lie just south of Istanbul in Turkey. These carpets have been favorites among interior designers throughout the world as they complement changing design trends. They are known for their versatility, sophistication, and timelessness. Woven with an overall pattern on a wool foundation and pile, the subtle colors are enriched by the use of natural dyes and range from bright and happy to calm and subdued.

There’s a reason these fabulous rugs are some of our best sellers. They represent the finest form of an art that has been perfected over millenniums, combining the best of ancient beauty with a look that never gets old. As you take a look at some of the finest Oushaks in our collection below, we have no doubt you will see for yourself why these carpets have continued to be eye-catchers since their conception:

3′ x 5’2″
10’8″ x 12’7″
5′ x 7’2″
7’1″ x 9′
8’5″ x 9’6″