Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs

Meet our Mascot

Today on the blog we wanted to introduce you to one of our wonderful staff members at Frances Lee Jasper. She’s been a part of the team for a little over five years, and during that time she has developed a keen eye for design and a deep love for oriental rugs. Not only that, but she also contributes to our business as a world-class model, a top-of-the-line saleswoman, and as a beloved friend to our customers of all species.

Weighing in at only a couple of pounds and no taller than your ankles, meet Kula, the Yorkshire Terrier.

If you haven’t yet had the honor of meeting her in person, we hope you will stop by soon. However, in the meantime, you can always keep up with her life and her favorite rug picks by catching her frequently on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Below you’ll find some of her best moments, and as a result we hope you fall in love with her as much as we have!


Kula knows: the best way to learn the quality of a rug is to get your paws on it

Her taste in rugs is rivaled only by her fashion sense

All of our handmade treasures are Kula-tested and approved

Despite her size, a large stack of rugs is no challenge for her determination

Modeling is not just her hobby, it’s her gift

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