Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs

The Color of Spring

With the Spring season now upon us, we are beginning to welcome back all of the lush, beautiful colors that have been missing from our lives in the winter months. Our world of white and brown is slowly sprouting with lovely reds, pinks, purples, and, most common of all, green in every shade imaginable. The arrival of green carries with it a sense of freshness and renewal, vitality and hope. With the leaves returning and grass spreading over the ground, we are all anticipating immersing ourselves in our green planet once again.


This Spring, why not bring a little bit of the outdoors in by livening up your place with a touch of nature’s favorite color? We still have plenty of lovely green rugs to choose from. Check one out below, and enjoy a selection of lovely green, Spring photos to help you get as excited as we are about the turning of the seasons. 



One of our favorite needlepoints from a famous designer.

Spring is in the air, from Cave Hill Cemetery to this beautiful needlepoint in the swamps of Alabama.

Don’t forget to feed the birds this Spring!

Looking forward to peaceful afternoons by the pool…