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From the Desk of Frances Lee JasperOriental Rugs Dictionary: Oushak (Ushak)

Oriental Rugs Dictionary: Oushak (Ushak)

Oushak carpets are carpets that use a particular family of designs, called by convention after the city of Uşak, Turkey – one of the larger towns in western Anatolia.  These patterns were also woven in other countries and regions.  However, all Oushaks were originally woven in Turkey.  Because the Oushak pattern is so popular countries like China, Pakistan, and India copy them, some are good quality, some are poor quality.  The Antique Oushaks are very popular, especially in the south.  Their colors are either very soft and pale or use bright colors like orange, salmon, and turquoise unlike Persian Rugs.  An Antique Oushak commands high prices because of supply and demand.

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