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From the Desk of Frances Lee JasperMaster Rug Weaver – Mohtashem

Master Rug Weaver – Mohtashem

In the 4th quarter of the 19th century, Kashan was the most important weaving center in western Persia, and Zufilkhar Ed Din Mohtashem was the region’s most renown master weaver. His popular rugs were some of the highest quality rugs characterized by a delicate style, color and use of imported merino wool. His rugs used a very luminous quality of lamb’s wool, which gave the surface a highly reflective silk-like quality. Antique Mohtashem Kashan rugs are considered the crème de la crème of all antique Kashan rugs. Whether they are with or without his signature, Mohtashem Kashan rugs with minor wear are extremely rare. Our Mohtashem Kashan is even more special since it does not contain a central medallion. Throughout my travels around the world in over the last 40 years I have not seen another one like it.

-Joe Tousi

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