Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs

Galopalooza Horses

Galopalooza horses are a tradition in Louisville like no other. Galopalooza horses are made out of fiberglass and are decorated by some of the best local artists. Driving around Louisville you will these beautiful horses at schools, businesses, and many other places. There have been three years of Galopalooza (2004, 2009, 2015). In these years, artists come together to decorate over 70+ horses with all sorts of different designs. A lot of these horses are decorated with things that represent Louisville such as the skyline, churchill downs, basketball, and many other louisville customs.

These horses benefit much more than just the eyes of the Louisville community. Some of these horses raise attention to some of the problems in our local community. A lot of these horses help supports locally owned businesses. One horse, decorated with puzzle pieces, was the autism awareness horse. This horse was used to raise awareness and support people with autism and their families. Here at Frances Lee Jasper, we have our own Galopalooza horse named Shusha. She is wearing an oriental rug saddle blanket as she stands proudly protecting our historic firehouse. If you keep going down the page, you will be able to see more Galopalooza horses placed around Louisville.

Louisville Skyline
Derby Festivities
Autism Awareness Horse
Van Gogh’s “Stary Night”
Race Horses