Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs

Bunny Williams

One of my favorite designers is the legendary Bunny Williams. In an article by Alix G. Perrachon Bunny states “Rugs are the magic of every room.” “They have been in my life forever.” Renowned for her prestigious interiors that artfully fuse the classical with the contemporary, the grande dame of decorating fondly recalls growing up with her mother’s pale woven cotton plaid rugs, viewed as a virtually avant-garde at a time when oriental rugs and broadloom were the norm. Her passion for decorative rugs blossomed during her 22-year tenure at the legendary New York interior design firm Parish-Hadley, which exposed her to the market’s most exquisite pieces.

While the designer is unapologetic about using broadloom for specific needs, she is also fervent in her appreciation of handmade decorative rugs’ uniqueness. “What I like about handmade rugs are their irregularities and imperfections,” continues Ms. Williams. “The warmth and the character of antique rugs particularly resonate with me.” Ms. Williams, who owns related businesses including Bunny Williams Home, always starts the design process with the rug. “It sets the tone of the room,” she comments. “Starting with a beautiful rug is like starting with a painting. Early on in the decorating process, you need to make a design decision whether you are going to have interest on your floor or not.”

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