Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs

Bohemian Style

For those interested in interior design, Bohemian is more than just a rhapsody. It is instead a word that sparks thoughts of color and creativity, individuality and ingenuity, fun and flavor. Bohemian interiors are all of these things and more, incorporating a variety of unique patterns and styles from all across the globe to fill spaces full of eclectic combinations that makes every room unique. The goal is to make sure everything from the rugs to the roof communicates something about you, making your home a visual story of your life.

There’s no doubt that Bohemian rooms get a lot of their vibrancy from oriental rugs, especially those with colorful and tribal designs, covering the floor or draped stylishly over a matching piece of decor. So, to help you on your Bohemian journey, below you will find some of our own Moroccan oriental rugs that we feel capture the Bohemian feel best. Enjoy!

(Inspiration from Paige Albright Oriental’s “Bohemian Style” Post)

4’2″ x 9’3″ Moroccan
4 x 8’9″ Moroccan
4′ x 8’9″ Moroccan

While picking out these gorgeous rugs in Morocco, Fran ran across this man wheeling a cart of bright yarns!