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Antique Rugs

Age has a great deal to do with value of a rug.  The highest priced rugs are rare and the supply is limited.  Certain antique rugs are more desirable than others, which also is a factor for determining the value.  Rugs are not like furniture, they do not need to be 100 years old to be considered antique.  We have one of the largest collections of antique rugs in the Midwest, and have been collecting them since the 70s. When we first started in business antique rugs were easy to find.  However, today we see very few antique rugs in the market.  Our antique rugs are housed in the dormitory where the firemen slept located on the second floor of our historic firehouse here in the highlands.  We encourage anyone who would like to hear/know more to stop by our gallery and take a tour.

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