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Galopalooza horses are a tradition in Louisville like no other. Galopalooza horses are made out of fiberglass and are decorated by some of the best local artists. Driving around Louisville you will these beautiful horses at schools, businesses, and many other places. There have been three years of Galopalooza (2004, 2009, 2015). In these years, artists […]

American Hooked Rugs The art & craft of rug hooking originated in England in the 19th century. Weaving mill workers collected the useless left over pieces of yarn, which were about 9 inches long  They took these “thrums” home and used them to create rugs. Thus began rug hooking which then became popular in America […]

  What’s it like entering this world of rug dealers as a 29 year old American born female with the last name that connotes more German heritage that anything closely resembling Middle Eastern origin…interesting.  Thankfully I had my aunt by my side who was gracious enough to explain the difference between a sumac and an […]